The year 2023 emerges as a year brimming with optimism, as global society traverses the post-pandemic new normal. The manifold shifts across diverse spheres of life have engendered alterations in various sectors, including the educational domain. The imperative to facilitate online learning has become pronounced.

The Faculty of Administrative Science at the University of Indonesia (FIA UI) remains deeply engaged in a multitude of collaborative initiatives involving a spectrum of stakeholders, encompassing both the Central Government and Local Authorities, as well as other institutions. These endeavors seek to harmonize with the pandemic-induced milieu while proactively embracing the forthcoming post-pandemic era. FIA UI has also embraced hybrid learning as a testament to its adaptability and innovative spirit.

Furthermore, FIA UI demonstrates unwavering dedication to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a multiplicity of initiatives. This commitment has garnered commendation from influential international entities in the realm of higher education rankings. Notably, the QS World University Ranking has accorded FIA UI a notable position, ranking the faculty among the top 51-100 worldwide in the discipline of public administration education.

This accomplishment is undoubtedly a result of the resolute efforts of the entire academic community in bringing to life FIA UI’s vision: “To be a leading advocate in propelling Universitas Indonesia into the ranks of the top five institutions in Southeast Asia.”

FIA UI wholeheartedly expresses profound gratitude to all members of the academic community and collaborators who have embraced cooperative endeavors in addressing both national and global issues.

Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Si., M.M.


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