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Collaborations and health services

Provide students and staff with access to mental health support.

Active promotion of good mental health

In providing education and increasing awareness for students and the academic community, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences also actively promotes issues related to mental health. One of them is by carrying out webinars or seminars that discuss mental health issues related to the lives of students and other academicians. In 2022, the FIA UI Healing Class activity: Managing Stress Avoiding Burn Out has been carried out online via the zoom meetings application organized by the FIA UI Student Affairs Unit in collaboration with the BEM FIA UI Adkesma with the aim of providing education and increasing awareness related to mental health for students. This activity invited Fadhilah Amalia, a psychologist from the University of Indonesia as the main speaker person who delivered education and socialization related to what stress and burnout are, the importance of handling mental health and how to manage stress and burnout felt especially by students during the lecture period.

Access to (or signposting to) free mental health support

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences collaborates with ADKESMA BEM FIA UI, and BKM UI or UI Counseling Services Makara Clinic always provides access to services and support related to mental health for students. This service is provided free of charge so that students who need help can immediately counsel with psychologists at BKM UI. In addition, the Faculty Student Affairs Unit will also be assisted by the ADKESMA BEM FIA UI both in student data collection to the mentoring process before being handed over to BKM UI and experts. That is why the faculty collaborates with the ADKESMA BEM FIA UI also actively carries out coaching or training activities to form cadres or peer counselors at the student level.

Access to (or signposting to) charged mental health support
In addition to free services provided by the University of Indonesia, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences has also provided access to paid mental health support services for underprivileged students who need assistance. In 2022, the FIA UI Student Affairs Unit has provided a special budget that will be used as student counseling funds to paid psychologists. This assistance is usually given if the student’s condition is very urgent and requires expert consultation in a fast time because it is not possible to wait for the counseling schedule from BKM UI

The Faculty of Administrative Science has implemented a smoke-free policy in the faculty environment referring to the Chancellor’s Decree No. 1805/SK/R/UI/2011 concerning smoke-free areas at the University of Indonesia

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