Undergraduate Program Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia has three department, namely: Public Administration, Governance of Commerce, and Fiscal Administration .

In addition to regular undergraduate programs, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences also provides education for extension and non-regular (parallel) undergraduate programs.

In the Public Administration Program, students will be offered various focus of studies, namely regional development and human resources in the public sector.

Meanwhile, the Governance of Commerce Program offers scientific development such as strategic leadership, governance, entrepreneurship, and an innovation mindset.

In the Fiscal Administration Program, students will understand tax policy and administration, both micro and macro taxation. Also, students are directed to master or understand taxation at the national and international levels.

The graduates of this program generally work in central or regional government agencies, as well as in private companies, according to their respective specialists.

Study programs are open to regular undergraduate and parallel undergraduate classes, where the pathways for regular undergraduate classes are through SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and SIMAK-UI. As for the parallel class through SIMAK-UI and PPKB.