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FIA UI Gelar Refleksi Akhir Tahun 2021

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The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) was originally one of the departments in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia (FISIP UI).

Since March 2015, FIA UI was officially become as one of the faculty in Universitas Indonesia. FIA UI has three departments and one graduate program namely: 1) Department of Public Administrative Science, 2) Department of Fiscal Administrative Science, 3) Department of Governance of Commerce and 4) Post-Graduate Program of Administrative Science.

These Departments held the program for bachelor student, and the post-graduate held the magister program, double degree program and doctoral program.

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Various choices of activities that you can explore as a student to hone your talents and passion.


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Find out more about the various Administrative Sciences Experts at FIA UI who have various expertise in the fields of public administration, business, and taxation, both in local, national and global communities.

In addition, all lecturers at FIA UI also have a variety of specific expertise regarding administrative science. Find out more about how their roles are and how to connect with with them.

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dyah dyah dyah

Participatory lectures and supporting teachers who are experts in their fields makes every question about the dynamically government and state environment can be answered one by one. Self competency development is fully supported by the department. Not only academic development, our passion and talents are also fully supported by the faculty and department.

Dyah Ayu Febriani

Public Administration

There is a lot of things learned that can be applied in everyday life while studying at Governance of Commerce FIA UI. Because the campus life in here was balanced, and I was able to explore other things such as organization skills at the university level, competitions, and other fun things to do. Moreover, the supportive environment made some of my achievements now become a milestone for the provision of post-campus life.

Eka Suryajaya

Governance of Commerce

We are taught on how to study a fiscal policy in a holistic and impartial manner, and we are equipped with knowledge in order to compile a policy paper for the government. Studying at FIA UI has also given me the opportunity to explore my talent and passion in non-academic fields.

I Made Genta

Fiscal Administration

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