Proportion of graduates with teaching qualification
Student access measures

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) periodically tracks and measures the level of access through the applicants, admissions, and re-registration number within the faculty. In addition, FIA UI also measures the study completion rate. In Academic Year 2022, out of 466 graduates, 62.02% of them are women.

Tracking Access Measures

Proportion of senior female academics
Proportion of women receiving degrees
Women’s progress measures

Universitas Indonesia has a policy regarding the Alleged Violation Reporting System, which was approved by the Rector of Universitas Indonesia in 2018 through Rector’s Decree No. 28. Through the Decree, the Rector of Universitas Indonesia emphasized the principles and objectives, types of violations, and the mechanism for resolving reports.

Peraturan Rektor Nomor 028 Tahun 2018