Water consumption per person

Building M FIA UI as a whole uses water via PDAM which is stored in the Building Ground Tank via the University of Indonesia PDAM channel. And distributed to the storage tank on the 4th floor of the building and distributed to every floor of Building M.

PDAM water usage has been used in 2 of the 3 buildings managed by FIA UI
M Building already uses PDAM
The Mochtar Building Already Uses PDAM
And G Building still uses groundwater

So more than 75% of FIA UI uses and consumes PDAM water, and less than 25% uses ground water

Total average water usage per day divided by the number of community members in one day in the FIA Building

Total water usage: 15,200 liters
PDAM: 11,400 liters
Groundwater: 3,000 Liters

Water Consumption

Volume of water used in the university: Inbound (treated/ extracted water)

15.200 Litres

Number of campus population

Water usage and care

In 2022, FIA UI has install a waste water management installation (IPAL). The results of the liquid waste processing are managed conventionally into the FIA UI ground tank, and later used in part for watering plants and fish cultivation so that FIA UI has managed liquid waste optimally and reduced water pollution at Universitas Indonesia

Wastewater Treatment

The Faculty of Administrative Science has provided free drinking water for all members of the FIA UI community by using water dispensers in all working rooms, meeting rooms and activity rooms used for student activities.

And FIA UI has encouraged reducing the use of single-use bottles by promoting the use of drinking bottles (tumblers).

Water Dispenser

FIA UI has used sensor taps in each toilet, an automatic plant watering system, and collected rainwater and building wastewater into an IPAL system (Wastewater Treatment Plant) which will be used for watering plants and cultivating fish.

Water Conscious Building Standards

The garden landscape at FIA UI uses plants that are resistant to hot conditions and save water

Water Conscious Planting

Water Reuse

FIA UI already has a tool to measure the reuse of waste water processed in the IPAL system.

Toilet waste channels (ablution water, sinks and urinals) are distributed into waste water treatment facilities which provide maximum protection for processing.

Water Reuse Measurement

Water in the community

Promotion of saving water at FIA UI has been carried out by installing water saving promotional posters and using water saving equipment in every FIA toilet

Saving Water Promotion