Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Si., M.M
Finance, Banking & Investment

Chandra Wijaya completed his undergraduate education in Commerce Administration (1992). S-2 was obtained in two fields, namely Administration and Business Policy (1998) at the University of Indonesia and Business & Banking Management (2000) at the Bandung Institute of Technology. He obtained his Doctorate from the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in 2004.

In addition to academic education, several education and training certifications were also attended as follows: Certified Investment Market & Banking Analysts (CIMBA), Certified Securities Analysts (CSA), Certified Professional Human Resources (CPHR), Deputy Investment Managers (WMI) and Deputy Traders Securities (WPPE).

He has been praised as the Head of the FISIP UI Diploma Three Study Program Banking (1997-2001), the Chairman of the FISIP UI Financial and Banking Three Diploma Study Program (2001-2003), Assistant Dean of the FISIP UI in Business Cooperation and Development (2003-2004), Vice Chairperson of the University of Indonesia Postgraduate Program (2004-2008), Chair of the University of Indonesia Postgraduate Program (2008-2013) and President Director of PT. Daya Makara UI (2009-2014) and Head of UI Development Planning Research Center (2008-2014). A position that was once held off campus was Deputy for Youth Empowerment at the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports (2016). At present he agrees as Chair of the Business Enterprise Governance and Competitiveness Cluster.

Some subjects are taken up by most of Financial Management, Investment and Portfolio Management, Project Evaluation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Business Policy.