8.2.1. Employment practice living wage Pay all staff and faculty at least the living wage, defined as the local living wage (if government defines this) or the local financial poverty indicator for a family of four (expressed as an hourly wage)

8.2.5. Employment practice equivalent rights outsourcing Have a policy on guaranteeing equivalent rights of workers when outsourcing activities to third parties

8.2.5. Employment policy pay scale equity Have a policy on pay scale equity including a commitment to measurement and elimination of gender pay gaps


  • Number of employees: 60
  • University expenditure: 18236810958


  • Proportion of students taking work placements: 13
  • Number of students with work placements for more than a month: 13

8.5.1 Proportion of employees on secure contracts

  • ¬†Number of employees: 51
  • Number of employees on contracts of over 24 months: 3