FIA UI Becomes DAAD’s Falling Walls Lab Host

DEPOK. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in collaboration with the Faculty of Administrative Sciences Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) held Falls Wall Labs Jakarta 2018 on Thursday (13/9) in Juwono Sudarsono Hall , FISIP campus, University of Indonesia. Falling Walls Lab (FWL) is an international forum for innovators from various disciplines that aims to promote brilliant ideas and connect scientists and practitioners from various fields at the global level.

Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo was warmly welcomed as the host of the event which was held for the third time in Indonesia. “Although we have limited knowledge regarding this event. However, we believe the FIA UI and DAAD are always consistent to collaborate with universities in Indonesia, “said the professor who is, also an alumnus of the DAAD.

The DAAD Deputy Director Christian Rabl also welcomed FIA UI’s hospitality as the host of this event. “This year there are 79 FWLs held throughout the world and 29 of them are held in Asia. We are very grateful for the remarks from the FIA UI who are pleased to host the Jakarta 2018 FWL, “he said in a speech. Rabl explained that the FWL winners will represent Indonesia to compete in the final FWL in Berlin on November 8, 2018. He added that Euraxess gives the FWL 2018 winners the opportunity to visit one of the research centers / labs in one of the 28 EU member states.

Aside from Rabl from the DAAD, this event was also attended by the Director of HRD, Brigitte Gerlach and the DAAD Chancellor for FIB UI, Dr. Marco Stahlhut. Representing the German embassy in Jakarta, Joerg Kinnen from the cultural and press division and Dr. Svann Langguth from the science and technology division also attended.

This event was attended by the 12 Falling Walls Lab competition participants from all cities in Indonesia. The twelve participants presented their innovations before seven judges from various fields. The first winner is I Made Andi Arsana, who presented “Breaking The Wall of Technological Injustice”, will be flown to Berlin to present his innovations.

Not only that, from 7 judges who assessed the participants. One of them is the coordinator of FIA UI International Cooperation, Dr. Vishnu Juwono. (MI)