BALI. The pressure from globalization and culture requires smart steps from developing country governments to make the right strategies for their people. Moreover, it was followed by very significant technological developments that must be accompanied by the development of human resource management in the public sector.

This was the concern of the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo when he was a 2018 Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA) Conference speaker in Nusa Dua, Bali, Monday (17/9). In his speech, he expressed the need to adjust the capabilities of government officials, the bureaucracy and society quickly and sustainable in the face of the global megatrend. The Global Megatrend includes Digital Advancement, Globalization 2.0, Energy Crisis, Individualism, Pluralism, Technological Convergence and Aging Society. “Human touch is still needed in the digital era to identify various human problems and find solutions,” said Prof. Eko.

The chairman of the Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA) also touched on the total population of the Asian population of 923 million, about 200 million urbanizing. Sadly, the government management did not follow the trend. So far in some electronic government indicators, Asian countries are still below the European and American countries. Only South Korea, Japan and Singapore are ranked top.

It has been seen since 2006, 2016 the results of the World Index survey of average Asian countries have not experienced changes in government effectiveness. “We must ask whether bureaucratic reform is successful or not?” said the former Deputy Minister of Empowerment of the Bureaucratic Reform State Apparatus (Wamenpan-RB). According to him a forum attended by scientists and practitioners of Public administration must provide recommendations to the government to overcome the stagnation.

As information, this event was also attended by the Minister of Administrative Reform of Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-RB) Commissioner General Pol Syafruddin and Bali Governor, Wayan Koster. The 2-day event was also attended by the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) Chair, Adi Suryanto, EROPA EC Chair. Yang Hyang Ja, and EROPA Secretary General, Orlando Mercado. (MI)