Program Description

The Summer Program at the Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) is designed to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience in Indonesia’s administrative systems, governance, public policymaking, and cultural heritage. Participants will engage in a variety of activities, including interactive classes led by esteemed faculty members. The program also includes Institutional Visit to various agencies in Indonesia.

In addition to academic learning, the program offers cultural excursions and practical activities that allow participants to explore Indonesia’s rich cultural diversity. A visit to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) and a Batik Painting activity. These activities provide a holistic understanding of Indonesian society and values. The program outcome is a policy note/brief of each group to be presented and submitted at the end of the program. The Summer Program aims to create memorable and enriching experience, blending academic activity with cultural immersion while promoting international cooperation and understanding.

Course Details

1. Indonesia Administrative System

This course block covers the theory and practice of public administration in Indonesia. The course includes institutional visit to one of Indonesia’s government agencies.

2. Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia

This course block will introduce the intricacies of environmental governance in Indonesia, focusing on the nation’s strategies and policies to address the issues that are present. Students will gain knowledge to critically analyse and contribute to the discourse on environmental governance in Indonesia.

3. Cultural Activities

Students will experience an interactive cultural activity and field trip to Indonesia cultural center.

Note: Topic on course 1 and 2 will be adjusted according to participating institutions academic interest. Thus, for every Summer Program, the topic might be different.


Application Period

February – April every year

Application Procedures

  • Contact your respective home university International Affairs for internal selection
  • Nominees must be submitted by the respective home university
  • FIA UI will send application form and Letter of Acceptance to participants
  • Students must submit their application form to by the deadline
  • Any inquiries should be directed to the same email address mentioned above

Program Fee

Program Fee: Waived.
Program Fee will cover:



Cultural Activities

Local Transportation

Certificate & Transcript

*Exclude : Flight ticket, accommodation, health insurance, and personal expenses.


  • Students who are accepted in the program will be given Letter of Acceptance via email.
  • The maximum participant is 30 students. If the maximum quota is exceeded, we will conduct a selection process.


  • Enrolled as an undergraduate student
  • Must be able to attend all classes and give presentation in English during the program
  • Must attend all the activities (excursion and cultural activity)

Past Activities

Summer Course Program with National University of Singapore (NUS)

The Summer Course Program at the Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia, is designed to provide an enriching educational experience for participants from various universities. The participating students are from National University of Singapore, Universitas Indonesia, and Universitas Diponegoro. This year, the program aims to foster intellectual exchange, cultural immersion, and hands-on expert learning through a series of well-structured activities and events. This program is designed to facilitate a one-stop student-centered multicultural learning. The theme for this batch is “Governing Cross-Country Policy Problem: Case of Indonesia’s Transboundary Haze”. The chosen theme represent one of common concerns of Indonesia and Singapore. In public policy science, we call this kind of situation a “wicked problem”, one that cannot be analyzed and solved only through a single perspective. The program spans for 9 days, with each day featuring a unique blend of lectures, interactive sessions, tours, and cultural experiences.

Program Overview

  • Date: 13 – 21 May 2024
  • Location: FIA UI, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, CIFOR, TMII, and Sanggar Membatik


Dr. Vishnu Juwono
Introduction to Indonesia’s Administrative System
Prof. Dr. Teguh Kurniawan
Indonesia’s Environmental Governance & Policy Advocacy
Dr. Suraya A. Afiff
Indonesian Society and Values towards Environment
M. Imam Alfie Syarien
Writing Policy Note
Dr. Reza Fathurrahman
Public Policymaking
Irhash Ahmady
Environmental Activism and Advocacy in Indonesia


Wahyu Mahendra
Debie Puspasari
Imas Cempaka M
Marcel Angwyn

Institutional Visit

  • The Ministry of Environment and Forestry
    Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry is the main institution responsible for making public policies in the area of environmental protection and forest management. These two areas were managed separately before Joko Widodo’s administration. In this program, participants will visit the Ministry and listen to lecture by Dr. Rasio Ridho Sani, Director General of Environment and Forestry Law Enforcement.

  • Center for International Forestry Research and World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF)
    CIFOR is a non-profit, scientific institution that conducts research on the most pressing challenges of forest and landscape management around the world. The Center has wordwide network in 64 countries with 192 active projects, in addition to 2,200 completed projects across 192 countries. In this program, participants will visit the agency’s office in Bogor and listen to lecture by Professor Dr. Herry Purnomo, CIFOR’s Senior Scientist and Indonesia Deputy Country Director. Dr. Purnomo is also a full professor at IPB University.

Cultural Activity and Excursion

  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
    Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a theme park showcasing Indonesia’s cultural richness. Situated in East Jakarta on 147 hectares, the theme park is famous for its miniature of Indonesia’s archipelago in its very center. Visitors can see traditional houses, clothings, and cultural dances from all provinces in Indonesia. There are also several museums in TMII, including Museum Indonesia, Science Museum, Transportation Museum, Postage Stamp Museum, and many more.

  • Membatik (Batik Painting)
    Batik is an Indonesian traditional technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the fabric. Rooted in Javanese culture, it has been going through an acculturation process and spread across the country’s archipelago. Since 2 October 2009, batik has been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity from Indonesia. The date is thus celebrated as the National Batik Day. Participants of this program will learn more about batik and experience how to do membatik from Jawa Jawi Java Studio.


The program provided a comprehensive experience for all participants, blending academic learning with cultural immersion and practical insights. The diverse background of students is able to create an engaging discussion room for all of the participants, which comes from their different perspective and knowledge. Throughout the program, participants engaged with a variety of topics, from environmental governance to policy advocacy. The outcome of this summer course is a Policy Note for each group.