Double Master Program FIA UI

The Faculty of Administration Universitas Indonesia (FAI UI) continues to try to manifest the vision of being the best knowledge development center in the field of administrative studies in South-east Asia. As a part of that effort, FIA UI have initiated a number of collaborations with various domestic and international partners, among others, in the form of of a double master degree program in the field of E- Government and Public Administration.

The program is expected to be able to support the increase in quality of human resources, specifically the State Civil Apparatus in welcoming the industrial revolution era 4.0.

The School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zeland) and Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra (Australia) are the two leading institute which have a number of leading experts and academicians in their field.

The program gives the chance for students to gain two academic degrees in a relatively short study time (2 years). The 1st and 4th semester will be in Universitas Indonesia and the 2nd and 3rd in the Victoria University of Wellington or the University of Canberra.