The Administrative Sciences Student Association, Faculty of Administrative Sciences (HIMANERA FIA UI) held a Pre-Event Career Days with the theme Creating Your Brand By Discovering Your Passion.

This activity was held from 12 September 2020 – 20 September 2020 through the Zoom Meeting platform which took place in four meetings. This activity was opened by Anggi Angelia Putri as the Project Officer. This activity consists of two kinds of events, namely Webinars and Workshops which present speakers, namely Hengky Kurniawan as Deputy Regent of West Bandung, Handoko Hendroyono as CEO of Mbloc Space, and Fatimah Albar as an FIA Alumni.

Career Days comes with a vision and mission as a medium for soft skills training in preparing for future careers, accommodating participants to get an idea of ​​preparing to enter the career world, and informing participants about the challenges and obstacles that must be prepared to enter the career world.

“Often read in order to think creatively, make all challenges as opportunities in business, and determine our goals by combining the creative ideas we have,” said Handoko Hendroyono as a resource person for this event.

In addition, the purpose of holding this activity is to provide participants with an overview of the prospects for the work environment, especially Public administration and to provide training on personal branding and public speaking.

“Personality, interests, and skills are 3 very important things to develop more deeply. Apart from that, explore more of yourself and the career opportunities that are in front of us, “said Fatimah Albar as a resource person for this activity.