Connecting the dots to the future: reveal what we need begins with the awareness of the importance of preparation in facing the world of work, both in the world of work related to taxation and in other fields. By bringing this theme, it is our hope that students can have a benchmark for their readiness by developing soft skills and technical skills that can support students later when they enter the world of work. 

Fiscal Career Week comes with a series of events consisting of a Pre Event on Friday (28/08) to Saturday (29/08) and the Main Event which will be held on Friday (19/08) to Saturday (19/09). Each Fiscal Career Week event itself consists of seminars and workshops. The seminar contains material exposures on topics that presented by experts in their fields, while the workshops aim to deepen student understanding by holding direct simulation or practical sessions led by each speaker at each workshop. 

“By The End Of The Day, Knowledge Is Power” said Ibnu Aryo Baskoro (Tax Manager at EY Consultant) who was one of the speakers at Fiscal Career Week, he hopes that students can continue to open their horizons by sharing experiences, thoughts and skills through platforms such as webinars and workshops like Fiscal Career Week did.

This activity was carried out in collaboration with MUC Consulting, TBright Consultant, CITA Riset,, Transfer Pricing Services, DH Tax Consulting.