Congratulations on your assignment, Friends of FIA, who have been appointed as administrators of the Student Organization of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (Ormawa FIA UI), for the 2023 period.

The six IA UI Ormawa who was appointed included:

  • The Student Representative Body (BPM FIA UI).
  • Student Executive Body (BEM FIA UI).
  • Islamic Family (KAIFA FIA UI).
  • Business Administration Student Association (Himania FIA UI).
  • Fiscal Administration Student Association (FIA UI Board of Staff).
  • State Administration Student Association (Himanera FIA UI).
  • Postgraduate Program Student Association (HMP FIA UI).

“Congratulations on the duties of the Management of the FIA UI student organization for the 2023 period. Give your best and collaborate in carrying out all the programs that have been or will be designed. Collaboration is a powerful weapon for creating right-on-target and impactful programs. Hopefully, the Ormawa Board of Trustees will be able to work optimally,” said the Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Si., M.M.

Furthermore, Prof. Chandra emphasized that the FIA value must guide the carrying out of every work program raised by each Ormawa. FIA’s values include Commitment, Integrity, Transformation, and Trust (KITA). Based on KITA, everything we do will have an impact and be maximized.

“Being an administrator for Ormawa is difficult because we fight for student voices. Therefore, the spirit of duty fellow students. Do it well and maximally in every decision, program, and consideration. There are no results that betray the effort, so keep up the enthusiasm and have a good job,” said Dr. Fibria Indriati Dwi Liestiawati, S.Sos., M.Sc., as Deputy Dean for Education, Research and Student Affairs at FIA UI.

Dr. Achmad Lutfi, M.Sc., as the Education and Student Affairs Manager of FIA UI, hopes that within a year of the 2023 Period of Ormawa management, Ormawa can grow and develop into an organization that creates innovations for the advancement of education, research, and community service. Ormawa, said Dr. Lutfi, is a door for student aspirations that accommodates all student opinions and opinions. “Therefore, do it with a sincere heart and a passion that never goes out. Enjoy your duty!” said dr. Lutfi.

The inauguration occurred on Friday, 17 March 2023 morning at the FIA UI M Building.

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