Indonesian migrant workers are one of Southeast Asia’s most significant sources of workers, reaching 9 million, the second largest foreign exchange earner with an average of IDR 159.6 trillion per year. 27% of Indonesian migrant workers are in developed countries, 33% are in developed countries with a high school education and above and are a source of high routine and have a high average income. Said Galuh Nirukti Sangadi (Business Administration) as FIA UI Main Achievement Student in 2023.

“In line with the sustainable development goals of protecting labour rights and facilitating orderly, safe and orderly migration, we need to find some problems that prevent us from achieving these goals. There are three problems, namely problem literacy, adaptation to a new culture, and post-migration adaptation,” said Galuh.

To solve this problem, Galuh uses the following problem formulation: 1) What development targets need to be achieved so that the economic potential of Indonesian migrant workers in developed countries can be maximized? 2) How to increase the benefits of Indonesian Migrant Workers in developed countries for the Indonesian economy?

“The solution is to set a development target in optimizing PMI’s economic potential in developed countries through access to training, guidance and effective financial outreach; an increase in PMI satisfaction and readiness levels in developed countries, and an increase in PMI’s understanding of financial literacy in developed countries,” he said.

The obstacles experienced in realizing this solution are that it requires significant funds to manage the website platform; consolidate information related to training, developed countries of destination, and other challenging content; and there is a risk that stakeholders and potential partners are not interested.

At a different time, namely at Impromptu Pilmapres, Galuh was presented with a question about electric cars, which are indeed higher in price, but provide more benefits, especially in the environmental field. According to him, in the use of technology, the priority is society, the planet, and, finally, the benefits of maximizing community-based business processes.

“The solution to developing these three concepts together, in my opinion, is the creation of more social entrepreneurs who will develop people to create products that not only have a social but also environmental impact and generate profits,” he said.

FIA UI Education and Student Affairs Manager Dr. Ahmad Lutfi, M.Si., said that FIA UI fully supports Galuh as a representative for FIA UI in Pilmapres at the UI level and national level. He hopes that Galuh can provide the best achievements and contributions so that he can become the face of introducing FIA UI to the broader community. “Congratulations and enthusiasm for fighting at a higher level Galuh. FIA UI supports and prays for you so that you can make FIA UI proud,” said Dr. Lutfi.

Good luck, TemanFIA!