An excellent village government bureaucracy is inseparable from implementing public services for the community. Nagrak District, some time ago, became one of the pilot districts because of the performance of public services through its BUMDES. The Research and Community Service Cluster Collaborative Governance and Dynamic Public Services (CGDPS) Team, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI), held an introductory meeting regarding the Research and Community Service Plan in Nagrak District, Sukabumi Regency.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Amy Yayuk Sri Rahayu, M.Si, as Chair of the Collaborative Governance & Dynamic Public Services (CGDPS) Cluster, along with six other members, visited several villages in Nagrak District to establish collaboration and cooperation in the future.

“In this preliminary meeting, we finally produced three action plans for community service activities. The first is Research and Community Service related to Stunting Reduction in collaboration with FKM UI. Balekambang Village is one of the villages that has succeeded in significantly reducing the prevalence of stunting in its village,” said Prof. Dr. Amy.

This, said Prof. Dr. Amy, is interesting to study, especially regarding policy interventions to reduce the stunting rate. In addition, further assistance and outreach regarding stunting reduction will be carried out together with FKM UI.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Amy explained the second result, Research and Community Service, related to creating the Village Data Integration Application in collaboration with FASILKOM. One of the problems faced by the Nagrak District is that village data is still scattered and needs to be digitally converted. This problem prompted the CGDPS Team to initiate an application that could integrate this data.

“Finally, the third result is Research and Community Service related to the Best Practices of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) in Nagrak District, in collaboration with other clusters at FIA UI. Nagrak District is famous for its achievements as a sub-district that has a Pilot BUMDES. Besides its unique ownership, in the form of joint ownership, which is also the result of a collaboration of 10 villages,” he said.

The BUMDES has so far been able to generate vast profits of up to billions of rupiah. These good practices are fascinating to explore and serve as further studies as examples of success stories for BUMDES governance in Indonesia. The follow-up to this preliminary meeting will be followed up with a coordination and collaboration meeting with various relevant stakeholders, as listed above.

For information, Nagrak District is geographically located to the north of the Sukabumi District Government office, with a radius of 69km from the direction of the capital city of Jakarta. Nagrak District comprises 10 villages; Babakan Panjang, Balekambang, Cihanyawar, Cisarua, Darmareja, Girijaya, Kalaparea, South Nagrak, North Nagrak and Pawira.

As information, this event will take place on Thursday, March 9 2023. Drs. Kusnar Budi Handaka, M. Bus; Nidaan Khafian, S.Sos, M.A; dr. Afiati Indri Wardani, M.S; Syifa Amania Afra.