The UI Faculty of Administrative Sciences, namely Commerce Administration, held a public lecture with the theme “Digital Marketing” on Thursday (17/3/2022) with Mr. Firman as the speaker.

Pak Firman presented a material entitled “Technology Development and Its Implications in the Competitive Space and Creation of Marketing Value.” He started his material by saying that technological developments are very important to know and use. Technology also empowers everything to help humans, but the results of technology are not all safe.

“Sometimes we don’t realize that we are being changed into who we don’t want to be,” concluded Pak Firman.

Pak Firman then continued his explanation. He said that during the COVID-19 pandemic starting in early 2020, the world community had spent time in cyberspace using the internet, especially the Indonesian people. The reason is, everything is generally done online, whether it’s work, school, or other things. Currently, the number has decreased, but still in a very fantastic number.

Related to that, Mr. Firman explained that mobile moment is a concept that explains the point in time and space where we use mobile devices to respond to information needs, services, or involvement with other devices. He added that analogous life undergoes a transformation of social activity.

“This shows that within one generation of life, life has completely changed due to massive technological changes. Just imagine in the next 20 years there will be very big changes,” he explained.

Furthermore, he explained that the social process arena is always undergoing massive displacement because all things can be obtained from mobile devices including all aspects of people’s lives as implications of the internet of things. Technology never stops developing where its development consists of three kinds, namely accelerating growth, sculpting change, and engineering trust.

“Our lives today are centered on the production, distribution, and consumption of information via the internet. The implication is that we need the ability to create high attractiveness and high creativity to create good marketing applications,” he explained.

Furthermore, Pak Firman revealed that all the technological developments that have been discussed previously have implications for the presence of new competitive spaces. Where manufacturers have to build a product that rises. For that, he explained how to build brand value in the network era by using technology to help marketing such as attractive advertising contexts.

“To build content-based value by using a brand strategy, marketing strategy, digital marketing plan, and finally measuring its value using KPIs.”

Not until that point, Mr. Firman also explained the differences between web 1.0, web 2.0, and web 3.0. He explained that Web 1.0 is a read-only and decentralized web that was born in 1990. While Web 2.0 is a web that was born in the early 2000s to 2010s that was able to create an interactive web which eventually opened up space to compete in trade, but it is still centralization. Finally, the Web is interactive, three-dimensional, and also decentralized.

After the presentation of the material from Mr. Firman, the event was then continued with a question and answer session. One of the students asked about the urgency and the concept of metaverse.

Mr. Firman answered him straightforwardly.
“Metaverse actually has two concepts. The first is the metaverse as a parallel world being an extension of the current analog world. There is a resemblance to Google Erath. Now what distinguishes the two is that in the metaverse, we can enjoy three times, namely the past, present, and future. Another concept is that the group of metaverses is essentially a system to capture advertisements and become a digital marketing medium. Metaverse is the concept of creating something that we cannot create in the real world

Pak Firman closed the session by delivering his closing remarks and messages to each participant of this public lecture. “The most important thing is not to completely trust technology,” he said.

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