K-GEB Program from Kookmin University, Korea

Through this, we’re giving you the information about K-GEB (Kookmin Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp) Program 2016. K-GEB will be held on July 4-29, 2016. This program is available for undergraduates in all field at least on second year (third semester) and never joined any program or exchange from International Office before.

For students who are interested, please submit an application along with supporting documents:

  1. Recommendation from faculty.
  2. Final transcripts (minimum 3.3 GPA).
  3. ITP TOEFL score of at least 550.
  4. Motivation Letter.
  5. Curriculum Vitae or CV.

Plis send those documents to the International Office due date May 26, 2016.

Further information can be accessed at: http://international.ui.ac.id