The Faculty of Administrative Sciences collaborates with the Directorate of Natural Gas to review and stipulate the latest regulations regarding the procedure for calculating and setting new tariffs to accommodate every condition of several aspects related to the ever-changing natural gas tariff.

“The problems that arise are due to several regulations that are difficult to implement, problems in the field, changes in supporting regulations, and in order to support government programs,” said Director of Natural Gas BPH Migas, Sentot Harijady Bradjanto Tri Putro.

This he conveyed during a meeting with the Directorate of Natural Gas Visit Meeting at FIA UI, Tuesday (5/4/2022) afternoon.

During his visit, Sentot Harijady also explained the function of the Directorate of Natural Gas, namely to supervise the implementation of the supply and distribution of fuel and transportation of natural gas through pipelines.

“Another function is to make arrangements so that the availability and distribution of fuel oil and natural gas determined by the government can be guaranteed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and increase the use of natural gas in the country,” he explained.

Over time, continued Sentot Harijady, in the implementation of the latest regulations, namely BPH Migas Regulation No. 34 of 2019, there are several obstacles that have just been discovered during the process of setting tariffs from 2019 to 2021.

“This obstacle certainly affects how the Directorate of Natural Gas fulfills its duties and functions. So, it is necessary to conduct studies and research on solving these problems,” said Sentot Harijady.

For this reason, collaboration between the Directorate of Natural Gas and FIA UI is highly expected to take place in the near future.

The Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., MM welcomes the aims and objectives of the Indonesian Directorate of Natural Gas. Prof. Chandra admitted that FIA UI will gladly do its best to be able to help the Directorate of Natural Gas to become a government agency that is able to carry out its functions optimally.

“The FIA ​​really appreciates the intention of this collaboration. We thank you for trusting FIA UI to be able to establish this good cooperation. Hopefully in the future what we have planned can be realized,” he concluded.

Furthermore, Prof. Chandra revealed that this collaboration is a form of FIA UI’s active contribution to the progress of the nation and state. “Hopefully in the future there will be more collaborations that we can establish for the progress of the Republic of Indonesia. Hopefully, both FIA UI and the Directorate of Natural Gas will be better in the future and will be able to face all the challenges that exist,” concluded Prof. Chandra.

Based on the timeline for the Amendment activities to Per BPH 34/2019, in April 2022, the activities to be carried out are the Implementation of the Study on the Preparation of Academic Papers and Contracts with the University for the Implementation of the Type II Self-Management Study on the Preparation of Academic Papers.