The innovation of the FisioMotion application by University of Indonesia (UI) students received great attention and was selected to win the People’s Choice Award in the international event version of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Medical Grand Challenge 2022 which was held online on 20 August 2022. FisioMotion is an application to help health problems, especially physiotherapist patients doing exercises independently with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) based machine learning. Users simply open the application, view the exercise schedule that must be done, then run the exercise with the camera feature so that the system can help detect and correct wrong movements. Another goal of PhysioMotion is also to help the working mechanism of physiotherapists by simply seeing the patient’s progress through the application for recovery.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult for physiotherapy patients to carry out therapeutic exercises with physiotherapists due to limited health facilities. To overcome this, the physiotherapist conducts training sessions online through the WhatsApp video call feature which will then be guided by the physiotherapist. This method is certainly not effective, therefore FisioMotion is here to help physiotherapist patients perform exercises independently with the help of AI-based machine learning. Patients only need to open the application, see the exercise schedule that must be done, then carry out the exercise with the camera. Later, the system will help correct wrong moves. Physiotherapists only need to see the patient’s progress through the application to help recovery.

Through one of the FisioMotion teams, Fasilkom UI students batch 2019, namely Darren Ngoh, said that health issues must be answered with current technological advances. “By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in a pandemic situation like this, it is very difficult to limit the mobilization of physiotherapy patients. Departing from this problem, actually what physiotherapists do in clinics or hospitals only validates whether the patient’s movements are right or wrong, from that opportunity we try to apply AI with the aim of validating the patient’s movements without having to go to the clinic. Apart from that, application users will also receive realtime feedback in one application.” Darren said when asked for information by Fasilkom UI Public Relations.

The FisioMotion application is a collaborative work of students from the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia (Fasilkom UI), Faculty of Health (FK), Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) and UI Vocational Studies. The team consists of Darren Ngoh (Fasilkom 2019), Indri Klarissa Ramadhanti (Fasilkom 2019), Rio Fernando Alexander (FIA 2022), Muhammad Mikail Athif Zhafir (FKUI 2019) and Alifia Azzahra Putri Satrio (Vocational 2019).

Even though it was created due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FisioMotion will not suddenly disappear even though it is entering an endemic phase. The FisioMotion team has conducted research on several physiotherapists at Vocational UI, where the FisioMotion application is expected to reduce offline therapy queues and help more patients recover. In one day, physiotherapists can only help 6-10 patients for therapy. However, with the help of the FisioMotion application, physiotherapists can monitor up to 20-25 therapy patients.

source: Fasilkom UI