The University of Adelaide visited the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI), to discuss the potential for collaboration to maximize educational services on both campuses. Dr. Fibri Indrianti, M.Si, as Deputy Dean for Education, Research and Student Affairs and Plt. The Head of the FIA UI Postgraduate Program said this collaboration opportunity was a door to improve the quality of education, research, and community service at FIA UI.

“FIA UI has 6 Study Programs, namely three at the undergraduate level, including State Administration Science, Business Administration Science, and Fiscal Administration Science. Then there is the Master of Administrative Science, Doctor of Administrative Science, and finally, the Master of Public Policy & Governance. We also have 8 clusters with the potential for joint research with the University of Adelaide.

Dr. I Gusti Nguras Darmawan from the University of Adelaide stated that FIA UI and the University of Adelaide had many fields to collaborate on. Among them is the Undergraduate Program, especially Business Administration, which can work closely with Undergraduates, especially the Bachelor of Commerce & Innovation at the University of Adelaide.

“For Post Graduates, we can also collaborate with the MBA at the University of Adelaide. There are two types of MBA, one of which is the MBA for Emerging Leaders/Fastrack which is very suitable for us to work together. Public Administration Science can also collaborate with the School of Economics & Politics (undergrad) & Social Science (postgraduate),” said Dr. I Gusti Nguras Darmawan.

Dr. Phil. Reza Fathurrahman, MPP Secretary of the Postgraduate School and Head of the FIA UI International Office, said other potential collaborations between FIA UI and the University of Adelaide include the Undergraduate program for international classes and the fast track program. In addition, there is potential for Joint PhD, Joint Research, Credit Earning Program (CEP), Joint Teaching (Asynchronous/MOOC), and UI GREAT for double degree programs.

For information, the visit to discuss the potential for cooperation took place on Thursday, March 30, 2023 morning in the Main Meeting Room of the M FIA UI Building.