Krisna Puji Rahmayanti, S.I.A., M.P.A, a lecturer at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) UI, successfully graduated from the world-class scientific leadership development program Science Leadership Collaborative (SLC). Krisna succeeded in becoming a graduate of this prestigious program by researching Increasing Community Resilience Collaboratively in Pacitan Regency.

In his research, Krisna researched public participation in post-disaster housing reconstruction. “This idea has been informed to several stakeholders in Pacitan, namely community representatives and government agencies,” said Krisna.

“Besides researching, we also carry out various collaborations. Collaboration in this activity can be seen from the interaction between researchers and mentors from various countries. I conducted research with Prof. Deden Rukmana, Indonesian diaspora and Chair of the Department of Community and Regional Planning at Alabama A&M University,” he said.

Furthermore, Krisna hopes that this program will continue. Namely, more young Indonesian researchers will be involved. So, said Krisna, this can broaden horizons and collaborate with researchers from various multidisciplinary sciences. “Hopefully, the experience during this activity will be the provision to become a researcher who is not only in the ivory tower but can also produce impactful research,” said Krisna.

For information, SLC was designed by The Conversation Indonesia and leadership experts from America, Europe and Asia. Through this SLC program, young Indonesian researchers from various origins and backgrounds can become innovators and science leaders in the future.

Krisna underwent self-leading training in this program, leading the system to innovation sprints. He underwent an intensive 9-month program, including mentoring, 1-on-1 coaching, peer learning, and learning through a learning machine system. This aims to explore the potential and capacity of a science leader. In addition, all potential participants are studied before being asked to raise research problems and find solutions through ideas and innovations.

Prof. Dr. Amy Yayuk Sri Rahayu, M.Sc. The Chairman of the Professor’s Council of the UI Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA UI) hopes that Krisna will become a researcher with excellent competence and can collaborate well.

“As a person and colleague of Krisna Puji Rahmayanti, I am very proud of my achievements as a world scientist. We hope that after completing his studies, Krisna will be even more successful in serving as a lecturer at FIA UI,” said Prof. Dr. Amt.

FIA UI is also proud of this achievement and hopes that Krisna will be able to become a future science leader.