Prof. Dr. Martani Huseini

He completed his undergraduate to doctoral education at the University of Indonesia in a linear field, namely Administrative Sciences, especially Public Administration. He has served at the University of Indonesia as Chair of the State Administration Study Program in the Extension Bachelor Program (2003), Secretary of the Department of Administrative Sciences (2003-2005), Daily Implementer Selo Soemardjan Research Center (2005-2008), Chair of the State Administration Study Program, Program Regular and Non-Regular Bachelor, Department of Administrative Sciences (2008-2009), Secretary of the Postgraduate Department of Administrative Sciences Program (2009-2013), and most recently served as Chair of the Regular Undergraduate Program and Parallel Classes in the Department of Administrative Sciences. Active in the Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA) as Secretary General (2013-2016) The areas of study carried out so far are in the fields of Human Resources in the Public Sector, Public Policy, and Education.]]]