The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) met with representatives of the Roskilde School of Governance, Denmark, to discuss various strategic collaborations in the academic world.

The arrival of Alexander Linyu Qian Chen or who is often called Alex as a representative from Roskilde University is part of the GOVERNING GREEN TRANSITIONS (GOGREEN) research collaboration activity.
RESEARCH PROJECT, together with FIA UI, especially with the Department of State Administration, some of the research activities included conducting workshops and fieldwork in Banyuwangi, East Java.

“Through the GoGREEN Project, it can also be useful to see how collaboration occurs during dynamic environmental conditions,” said the Head of the FIA UI State Administration Science Department, Dr. Teguh Kurniawan, M.Sc.

As for this meeting, FIA UI is represented by the Department of Business Administration Dra Head. Novita Ikasari, M.Comm., Ph.D. introducing Alex to Business Administration, Clusters and discussing opportunities for Alex’s involvement as part of the Bureaucratic Business Journal.

Afterwards, the Head of the FIA UI International Affairs Office, Dr. Reza Fathurrahman, introduced FIA UI through a brief overview and explanation regarding internationalization activities and opportunities for future international cooperation.

Complementing this, the Head of the Academic Quality Assurance Unit (UPMA), Mr. Dr. Kusnar Budi Handaka M.Buss, introduced Alex to how quality assurance is based on integrity, quality, and process aspects at FIA UI.

Secretary of the Department of State Administration, M. Alfie Syarien, M.P.A also introduced a new specialization opened by the Department of State Administration and the Postgraduate Program, namely the Master of Public Policy and Governance which can later be taken for 1.5 years of education.

“2023 is the year for those who are expected to be able to change the postgraduate curriculum to overcome the solutions encountered during the implementation of postgraduate learning,” Dr. Reza added.

The meeting also discussed the issue of plagiarism, where plagiarism did not only occur in Indonesia but is also very common in several countries.

“Plagiarism can be caused by students’ lack of knowledge of the issues discussed. For this reason, a library is needed for students to broaden their horizons. Second, it is easy for students to be able to translate languages, so that it facilitates plagiarism. The solution to this issue is to train to teach resources to be able to pay attention to issues, change how to assess/test students in a way that can minimize the occurrence of plagiarism & humans to humans,” said Alex.