Dra. Sri Susilih, M.Si
Regional Planning

Dra. Sri Susilih, M.Sc. pursuing her career as a Lecturer in the field of Public Administration at the Department of Administrative Sciences FISIP UI began when Prof. Dr. Bhenjamin Hoessein, SH. (experts in the area of regional government / regional autonomy) need a number of teaching assistants to be able to take care of the Urban Administration Course in 1989. At that time the Urban Administration Course was a new subject offered to final-year students in the Administration Study Program Country. The Urban Administration Course discusses cities / cities in terms of administration / law in the sense of cities that have received government status based on the laws and regulations that govern them (in this case the city meets city criteria from functional aspects). Since 2011 Lecturers who have been called by various nicknames: Mrs. Sri, Mrs. Silih, Mrs. Lis (Lis’s nickname) became the coordinator of the course after Prof. Dr. Bhenjemin Hoessein, SH. completing his tenure in the world of education. Masters education (Masters) was completed at FISIP University of Indonesia in the Public Administration Study Program in Public Policy concentration in 2005. And in that year, requested by Drs. Moh. Riduansyah, M.Sc. to manage the Diploma 3 Administration Study Program FISIP UI as Chair of the Office & Office Secretary Study Program. During his time as Chair of the Study Program, he spent the night on campus monitoring the implementation of the MABIM event which was held from morning to morning the next day. Now events like that are no longer allowed. His position as Chair of the Office Administration & Secretary Study Program was carried out until 2014. In that year there was a change in leadership at the University of Indonesia Vocational Program. Based on the policy of the new leader, Sri Susilih began to carry out his new duties as Secretary for Business, Tourism and Office Studies. With regard to this new assignment, the woman who was born on 6 Jumi 1961 had a principle taken from the fragment of a poem written by the great poet that the Indonesian nation had, WS. Rendra (late): “… … because the task is the task, not for heaven or hell, but for the sake of honor as a human …” (WS. Rendra).