Dr. Roy Valiant Salomo, M.Soc.sc.
Public Finance

Roy Valiant Solomon is a lecturer at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia. His tertiary education began with a Bachelor of State Administration at the University of Indonesia in 1986. After that, he continued his education at the State of Queen Elizabeth, United Kingdom, precisely at the University of Birmingham. He majored in Development Administration and successfully graduated in 1991. Then he resumed his education by taking a doctoral program and in 2006 he succeeded in obtaining a degree as a Doctor of Administrative Sciences at the University of Indonesia. In his daily life, he is active in various committees and is a speaker for various opportunities. In 2011, he was recorded as a speaker at the International Conference of The Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA). He is also a member of The American Society for Public Administration. Besides that, Dr. Roy is also actively contributing to various researches, namely; Factors Affecting DKI Jakarta Government Performance (2010), Administrative Reform in Local Government Environments (2011) and National Social Security System Strategy in Health: An Scenario Planning Approach in the Indonesian Health Insurance Model until 2030 (2012).


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