Dr. Agung Firman Sampurna, CSFA., CFrA., CGCAE

Dr. Agung Firman Sampurna was born on November 19, 1971 in Madiun. He has been pursuing a career in the Indonesian bureaucracy for approximately 23 years. Currently, he is trusted to serve as Chairman of the Supreme Audit Agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

Mr. Agung Firman Sampurna took his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Economics, Sriwijaya University in 1996. Then in 1998, he continued his Master’s studies at the University of Indonesia with a concentration in Administration and Public Policy. In 2011, with the same concentration, this figure won a Doctorate. Apart from formal education, Agung Firman Sampurna is also active in taking official education. One of them in 2007, this figure took several specializations in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, namely Tax Policy, Fiscal Analysis, and Revenue Forecasting Course, Public Budgeting and Fiscal Management Course, and Fiscal Decentralization and Local Governance Course.

This figure is one that has been in the world of Indonesian bureaucracy for a long time. Starting from the bottom of his career, he became a Staff of the Organization and Administration of Tk.II Kab. Musi Banyuasin in 1998-1999. Then he served at the State Administration Institute (LAN) in 2007-2011. Until 2012-2019 he became a member of the BPK and finally appointed as Chairman of the BPK in October 2019. Not only that but in 2020 this figure was also mandated to become the General Chair of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI).

This figure also received various achievements and awards. In 1999, he succeeded in publishing a book entitled Indonesian Foreign Debt: Arguments, Relevance, and Implications for Development. Then in 2014, the President of the Republic of Indonesia awarded him the Mahaputera Nararya Star. In 2019, the Chief of Staff of the Army gave this figure the Bintang Kartika Eka Paksi award.