Related to Corona Prevention, FIA UI Lecturer: The Government Must Move Faster Again

Public Policy Specialist who is also a Lecturer at FIA UI Zuliansyah Putra Zulkarnain assessed that the consideration of closing access from exposed areas needs to be studied in depth and becomes the last option.

But, he urged the Indonesian government to move even tighter to ensure that corona mitigation and mitigation in this country was effective. According to him, so far Jokowi’s men are not feasible in providing scenarios to be carried out in handling Covid-19.

“If I see it, the conference (press conference) of Mr. Yuri (Spokesperson for the Government for the Corona Achmad Yurianto case) is still limited to explaining what is being handled and treated,” Zuliansyah said when contacted on Friday (13/3).

“Adding so many cases, the disease adds so much,” added the lecturer at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia.

Zuliansyah assessed that the government did not describe in detail the maximum concrete mitigation measures. It also makes people question and trust information from a second source, such as unconfirmed social media.

“I am actually talking about the design of government policy to get Indonesia out of here (Covid-19),” Zuliansyah said.

“So it’s not just the government saying if they are responsive, how about they are responsive?” he added.

He warned that the corona virus was not only related to the health sector. Many aspects must be prepared by the government in responding to the spread of the corona virus as in social and economic aspects. Therefore, a clear guide picture of the direction of government policy needs to be formed by the government immediately, so that no policy is taken merely ‘reactionary’ to an event.

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