To Establish a Strategic Partnership, FIA UI with Parents of the Students Form POM

DEPOK (30/1) – The leadership of the Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI) alongside the Student Parent Association Formation Team held a meeting to discuss the initiation of the formal formation of the Student Parents’ Association (POM) as a strategic management partner for FIA UI to support the quality and quantity of FIA UI graduates.

“Thank you for the participation and support in the FIA UI parents’ group forum until now, Alhamdulillah, there is the passion to build a harmonious relationship between the management of FIA and the parents of the students,” said the Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo, Mag.rer .publ., with the meeting in Depok, Monday (29/1/18).

Aside from that, POM also participated as a container to give moral and material support for the development program of FIA UI students through various facilitated activities.
“ Such as facilities for internship, seminar activities, and providing joint scholarships for students of FIA UI,” said the General Manager of FIA UI, Muh Azisi Muslim, M.Si.

As a formal container between the management of FIA UI and the Student’s Parents, POM is projected to be able to support various assistance programs in order to increase the knowledge and competence of the students.

The inauguration of the POM FIA UI management will be held in conjunction with the commemoration of the 3rd FIA UI Anniversary on March 10.

It is known that in this meeting, the Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo, Mar. Rer. Publ, alongside his wife, the Deputy Dean of Education, Prof. Dr. Haula Rosdiana, M.Si., the General Manager of FIA UI, Drs. Muh Azis Muslim, M.Si., alongside five student’s parents who are members of the POM Formation Team were in attendance. (DS)