The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) initiated a collaboration with the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) to produce a study scheme that can be applied to improve the welfare of local communities through Brida (Regional Research and Innovation Agency).

This initiation was carried out at the FIA ​​UI Building on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 noon. “BRIN will accompany Brida to check the data according to an appropriate or evidence-based study. Following the existing regulations, BRIN through Brida will work on technical matters in order to have an impact on the regions,” said Dr. Yopi as Deputy for Regional Research and Innovation.

In delivering his speech, Dr. Yopi asked for input from FIA UI on how or steps to be taken so that BRIN could assist the regions properly and appropriately. “How the approach is fast, precise, and can move. Because changing a mindset is difficult with various problems that accompany it,” said Dr. Yopi.

Dr. Wiwiek Joelijani as Deputy Secretary of RID said that the challenge of regional development is the mindset or mindset of the people who always expect a budget from the center. while BRIN does not promise a budget for regional development.

“In the regions, policies are usually made based on feelings or previous events, not on studies. Well, Brida here was formed to help the regions to make policies according to studies and research so that they are right on target. Therefore, Brida must have a strategy to manage the budget properly, but study it first,” said Dr. Wiwiek.

Dr. Wiwiek said that FIA UI, which consists of public administration, governance of commerce, and taxes, is very appropriate to implement the ideals of implementing appropriate technology to improve the welfare of the people in the region.

“When entering the region, regional advantages must be identified that can concretely improve the regional economy appropriately. Therefore, it is necessary to move and visible policies, not just reports. FIA UI is relevant for the transformation of research and innovation in the region so that it is easy to develop,” said Dr. Wiwiek.

Responding to an explanation from BRIN, Prof. Chandra as the Dean of FIA UI said that FIA UI was open to this collaboration. He also emphasized the need for an index to see how policies are implemented in the regions.

“If there is already a regional competitiveness index, we can answer the regional success. We can also see which indicators have been met or which need to be improved. All institutions in Indonesia and even abroad have problems regarding human resources, infrastructure, and budget. So we need to work hard for that,” said Prof. Chandra.

Prof. Chandra said that FIA UI was able to make a big contribution to realizing Brida’s mission, especially in the transformation section. Prof. Chandra said that later this transformation will not only be a nomenclature, but also in the mindset of the local government so that Brida will be able to work to improve people’s welfare. In addition, FIA UI also offers training and specialization programs in Masters to improve the human resources of Brida members.

For information, BRIN was represented by Dr. Yopi (Deputy for Regional Research and Innovation); Dr. Wiwiek Joelijani (Ses Deputy RID); Dr. Sri Nuryanti (Director of Regional Research and Innovation Policy); Dr. Agus Widodo (Director of Regional Research and Innovation Facilitation and Monitoring); Dr. Wihatmoko (Director of Dissemination and Utilization of Regional Research and Innovation); and Deliyanti.

The FIA ​​UI was attended by Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., M.M (Dean of FIA UI); Dr. Fibria Indriati, M.Si (Vice Dean for Academic and Research); Dr. Milla Sepliana Setyowati, S.Sos, M.Ak (Vice Dean for Resources, Ventures, and General Administration); and Dr. Umanto, S. Sos, M. Si.