Monday (20/12), the Department of public administration of FIA UI held a Community Service activity entitled “Introduction to MoUs and Intellectual Property Rights” in Megamendung Jaya Village. This activity is a form of FIA UI’s active contribution to support BUMDes Megamendung Jaya, so that they can continue to make improvements, especially with regard to their formal legal basis.

In an effort to build the economy of Megamendung Jaya Village, the Megamendung Jaya Village Owned Enterprise (BUMDes) is currently carrying out a number of internal strengthening efforts. With various assets already owned, such as coffee plantations, BUMDes clinics, and also various other businesses.

Director of BUMDes Megamendung Jaya, M. Yusuf Solihatul S.I.Kom., M.Si, said that BUMDes Megamendung Jaya is currently fighting for Intellectual Property Rights regarding one of its BUMDes, namely Kopi Megamendung. Not only that, efforts to strengthen BUMDes are also synergized with the achievement of Village Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Therefore, strengthening BUMDes is one of the key factors in its achievement, and requires an integrated effort. This is the main concern of the Head of the Community Service Team of the Department of public administration, FIA UI, Dr. Teguh Kurniawan, M.Sc. “Today, Village Growth comes from Strengthening the Potential of the Village itself. BUMDes, is one of the vital instruments in achieving this growth. Therefore, strengthening BUMDes needs to be done, especially how to strengthen its potential, synergize that potential with the SDGs, including how to plan and support legal documents,” he said.

BUMDes Megamendung Jaya’s IPR struggle efforts were carried out by cooperating with a number of actors. One of them is the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia, especially the Department of public administration. Through this collaboration, the Department of Administrative Sciences FIA UI presents one of the experts in State Administrative Law, Dr. Ima Mayasari, M.H., to provide training on the preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), including types of agreements, and of course Intellectual Property Rights. This is also a momentum for the Department of public administration of FIA UI to continue to contribute to the nation and state, especially for Megamendung Jaya Village.

BUMDes administrators gain an understanding of the essence of drafting an MoU, maintaining agreement commitments, including increasing awareness of various potential abuses of the agreement. Dr. Ima Mayasari, M.H. lead a discussion to exchange experiences regarding the intricacies of IPR registration, as well as efforts to find solutions for IPR in Megamendung Coffee, so as to encourage the initiation and sensitivity of IPR. In addition, this discussion also introduced a number of other Intellectual Property such as Patents, Brands, and Trade Secrets as a form of enrichment for BUMDes Megamendung Jaya.

The Megamendung Jaya BUMDes strengthening session was then continued on Tuesday (21/12) by presenting Dra. Afiati Indri Wardani, M.Si to discuss the Village’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The discussion begins by reintroducing the SDGs content, how the role of the Village in achieving the SDGs, and how the Village can be contributive to the State, even to the World. The 18 points of SDGs Desa discussed thoroughly by Dra. Afiati Indri Wardani with BUMDes apparatus, mainly to formulate how BUMDes can contribute to the achievement of the Village SDGs. Through this session, more and more strategic functions of BUMDes were found in achieving the SDGs of Megamendung Jaya Village.

Finally, in order to strengthen BUMDes in achieving the SDGs and solving various problems faced by BUMDes, Marcel Angwyn, S.I.A., MPA provided training on the preparation of action plans.

In the session, it was discussed in depth how to use the Logical Framework Approach in dissecting various problems faced by BUMDes, including formulating an action plan to solve these problems.

The BUMDes administrators also simulated the use of a logical framework approach, in this case selecting a real problem faced by the BUMDes, and asked to draw up an action plan to resolve the problem. Through this simulation, BUMDes administrators get an idea of ​​how international organizations such as the World Bank (World Bank) and the Asia Development Bank (Asian Development Bank) can effectively select problems and solve them.

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