Another proud achievement was made by students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI). Two FIA UI students managed to win in the Abang None Jakarta Municipal Competition. They are Saif Ali Syah (Governance of Commerce 2019) and Gisela Thesa (Governance of Commerce 2020).

Saif managed to become Abang None Central Jakarta 2022 after competing with other candidates. Meanwhile, Gisela managed to become the 1st Representative of Abang & None East Jakarta 2022. Both of them have gone through a long process in the pride competition for DKI Jakarta. Starting from registration, judging, quarantine or briefing for about a month until the final night of Abang None Jakarta.

The achievements of the two of course create a sense of pride for FIA UI. The Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., M.M, congratulated the two great students and thanked them for their struggle in making FIA UI proud.

“Congratulations to Saif and Gisela for winning the Abang None Jakarta competition at their respective Municipal Levels. I am proud of this Mas and Mba’s achievements. Hopefully this achievement will become an example and role model for other FIA students to continue to excel both in academic and non-academic fields, “said Prof. Chandra.

Not without reason, both of them are determined to contribute to the Abang None Jakarta event because they want to explore themselves outside the campus to increase their knowledge and experience. “I want to explore myself and expand my experience and be able to implement what I learn to contribute to a better Jakarta,” concluded Saif.

The struggle is not over because the two FIA students still have to compete in Abang None Jakarta at the DKI Jakarta Province level. Both have high hopes to be able to carry the name of their respective municipal areas at the provincial level. “Hopefully, I can make the good name of my alma mater, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia proud,” said Gisela.

The hope to make FIA ​​proud cannot be separated from the support of FIA UI in supporting student achievement, both academic and non-academic. “The role of the faculty is friends who support me during the final night,” said Saif.

Both of them advised FIA UI students to continue to develop their skills and experience while being students through various opportunities. Either through organizations, committees, competitions, and other competitions.

“Let’s together make the names of FIA, UI, and Indonesia proud,” said Gisela.