How UI Student Helps Deaf Disability Person on Using Commuter Line


Muter Application

University of Indonesia (UI) students developed the Muter (Deaf Friend, Listening Friend) application which is able to help overcome the problems of Deaf Friends when using the Commuter Line Electric Rail Train (KRL).

The three students are Ajeng Riski Anugrah (Student of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA UI), Grace Elizabeth Kristiani (FIA UI), and Nandhika Prayoga, Faculty of Computer Science (Fasilkom UI).

The three of them have prepared a Muter prototype to be submitted to the “National Student Creativity Week (Pimnas) 2020” which will take place on 24-29 November 2020. Muter’s design is based on the obstacles experienced by Friends of the Deaf when they have to use the KRL Commuter Line.

Muter’s design was based on the obstacles that Friends of the Deaf experienced when they had to use the KRL Commuter Line.


Media Exposure

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