FIA UI in collaboration with the Agam Regency Government held a webinar for the FIA ​​UI 2022 Integrated Learning Program on Wednesday (9/3/2022) at 13.30 until it was finished. This event was attended by 30 participants consisting of the government of Agam Regency and from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia. The event started with a prayer led by Deny Wahyu Tasniawan. The event then continued with singing the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya.

The event then continued with remarks and presentations about FIA UI from the Dean of FIA UI, Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., M.M. He said that the collaboration between FIA UI and Agam Regency was aimed at improving the competence of human resources within the Agam Regency, especially the Walinagari in Agam Regency. “Based on the information we obtained, the Regent and his staff have made a selection to be able to recruit the best potential participants, which is expected in the planned time to obtain a Bachelor of Administrative Sciences degree at FIA UI,” he said.

Prof. Chandra then stated that FIA UI is one of the faculties at UI which has the task of carrying out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. For this reason, FIA UI is responsible for the intellectual life of the nation. Since 2021, President Jokowi has inaugurated the Center for Independent Learning to accommodate the activities of the independent learning program and independent campus.

FIA UI supports the implementation of the SDGs, especially the fourth, namely how FIA UI provides the widest possible access for Indonesian citizens to carry out lifelong education and receive quality education. “FIA UI must be inclusive and provide the widest possible access, so that Indonesian citizens widely access quality education. This year, FIA launched the CIL BETTER (Center for Independent Learning and FIA UI Integrated Learning Program) program. We organize this activity especially for Walinagari, Agam Regency. On this occasion, we would like to welcome and officially open the FIA ​​UI 2022 Integrated Learning Program in collaboration with FIA UI and Agam Regency,” he said.

Then, Prof. Chandra presented his material regarding the introduction of Administrative Science. The explanation begins with the presentation of the historical aspect of FIA UI which has gone through many developments since 2015. However, in terms of study programs, Administrative Sciences has existed for a long time, namely 1962. He then continued by explaining about the FIA ​​UI symbol which consists of two colors, namely the peacock which shows the character of courage and firmness, and the color indigo which symbolizes wisdom and justice.

“There are five things that we have developed at FIA UI, namely policies, institutions, governance, innovation, and culture. Currently, FIA has 8 research clusters, namely policy, governance, and administrative reforms democracy and local governance, collaborative governance and dynamic public services, financial institutions, tax and development policies, competitive and governance of corporations, taxation politics, welfare, and national security. ; and innovation and governance.” explained Prof. Chandra.
Prof. Chandra explained that there are differences in FIA UI graduates. The difference is that FIA UI produces graduates who are able to formulate, analyze, implement, and evaluate policies at the macro, meso, and micro levels of an organization.

“BETTER is our effort to be able to carry out the Tridharma of Higher Education. Through BETTER, FIA provides opportunities for the general public, not only students, but also the general public to attend lectures at UI through the UI Center for Independent Learning and continue to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the extension class undergraduate program at FIA UI. So, clearly there is BETTER which is an education to collect credits of a maximum of 50 percent for undergraduate programs. The rest will join the extension class or degree education program, and eventually become a Bachelor of Administrative Sciences,” he explained.

Then the event continued with remarks from representatives from the Agam Regency Government who expressed their gratitude for the FIA’s willingness to organize this collaboration. “There are already 13 nagari guardians who have passed the selection and are interested in joining the BETTER program from FIA UI. We are committed to following up on today’s event. We welcome this program, hopefully with the help of FIA UI, human resources in Agam Regency can improve according to the vision and mission of FIA UI itself,” he said.

Furthermore, the event continued with the explanation of BETTER FIA UI delivered by Dr. Fibria Indriati, M.Si or often called Mba Indri. Mba Indri explained about the BETTER mechanism to support the achievement of sustainable development, namely ensuring inclusive and equal education, and also supporting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Mba Indri also explained the technical rules for all BETTER participants.
“FIA UI provides an opportunity for the general public to attend lectures at UI through non-degree education through the Micro Credential Center for Independent Learning UI and continue it to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the extension class undergraduate program at FIA UI,” explained Mba Indri.

Then, Mba D. Dra. Novita Ikasari, M.Comm., Ph.D or Mba Nonov then continued the event by giving an explanation about the Science of Business Administration FIA UI. Mba Nonov explained that the Science of Business Administration has 3 scientific domains, namely administration, entrepreneurship or business, and government. Mba Nonov said that graduates of commerce administration are able to organize activities in business organizations, and/or able to design new businesses, and are able to assess data-based business decisions and good governance.

Then the event continued into the second session after resting for 5 minutes. The second session was more about technical matters from the BETTER program, which began with an explanation from Mba Kalarensi Naibaho or Mba Clara. Mba Clara explained about library services at the University of Indonesia. He also provides tutorials on matters related to library information services such as borrowing books and others.

Finally, the second session was continued with the presentation of material by Dimas Septian who gave tutorials and displayed them to help the participants to be able to access the LMS (Learning Management System).