The Credit Earning Program is a new program launched by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI), where participants can later purchase master program courses.

“This program is a way to repay or improve competency at FIA UI and later you can transfer the credit so that later when you are undergoing the master program at FIA UI, you no longer need to repeat the courses you have taken at CEP so that the study period You are shorter,” said Fibria Indriati Dwi Liestiawati, S.Sos., M.Sc as Deputy Dean for Education, Research and Student Affairs at FIA UI.

This was disclosed at the PSAF CEP (Credit Earning Program) FIA UI 2022 on Monday, 29 August 2022 online via the zoom platform. Dr. Fibria revealed that CEP would be carried out in a hybrid manner, namely online and offline learning simultaneously.

“So with hybrid, you can choose online or offline learning activities. We hope that you will be able to take part in lecture activities well and enthusiastically from start to finish,” said Dr. Fibria.

After delivering remarks from Dr. Fibria, Secretary of the Postgraduate Program Dr. phil. Reza Fathurrahman, MPP conveyed General Information Regarding the FIA UI Postgraduate Program.

“FIA UI has eight research clusters, each of which is led by a professor who can facilitate various academic activities. Each of these research clusters is also a representation of the three departments of the FIA UI undergraduate program, namely fiscal, commerce and state,” said Dr. Reza.

Furthermore, said Dr. Reza, the Masters Program at UI consists of eleven specializations + 2 double degrees. In addition, every student who takes part in the CEP will receive remote lecture support services, including EMAS, SIAKNG, SIPEDA, UI remote library, turnitin, free software licenses.