The Fiscal Administration Study Group (KOSTAF) FIA UI held Level Up 4.0 activities on Saturday (1/08) with the topic Master Your Decision Making and Critical Thinking Skills with resource person Hans Topril EY Consultant Belanda (LL. M. Candidate in the International and European Tax Law), Alumni of Fiscal Administration, class of 2011.

The need for soft skills, especially in decision making and the importance of critical thinking in the current era, is one of the supporting factors in making this theme. The Covid-19 pandemic does not restrict students from holding Level Up online through the Zoom Meeting platform.

Level Up 4.0 is an event held regularly by the Fiscal Administration Student Association and has the aim of being able to improve the abilities, skills, and skills of the members of KOSTAF FIA UI. The hope is that for the benefits obtained, the performance of the members in the organization will increase.

The agenda of the Level Up 4.0 event was in the form of presentation from the speaker then continued with a question-and-answer session between students and Hans Topril about the topic of discussion, namely regarding decision making, especially in the life of fiscal students.

“Gather as much information as possible and consider other people’s experience when making a decision. Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try it. ” said Hans Topril at the Level Up 4.0 event.