The Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., M.M revealed that FIA UI is ready to contribute to the government program for students, namely Merdeka Learn Campus Merdeka (MBKM). Prof. Chandra considers that the program, which has been running since 2021, is the right step in dealing with a learning system that has changed greatly.

“The way of learning and the curriculum in learning have changed greatly. Students are now given more opportunities to learn not only from study programs, but also outside it with MKBM,” said Prof Chandra. This was expressed by him in the Faculty Academic System Introduction (PSAF) activity at FIA UI to FIA UI New Students in 2022 on Thursday 18 August 2022.

Changes do not only occur in the learning process, but also in almost all systems of human life in the world. Starting from the phenomenon of disruptive innovation, the industrial revolution 4.0, society 5.0, digital economics, artificial intelligence, the pandemic is not over, war conditions, and others.

“Right now, we are facing many threats from this extraordinary changing world. So that MBKM becomes a strategy that students can use to be creative to channel their talents to make a lot of contributions to the FIA ​​and the nation and state in the midst of a very dynamic world situation,” he said.

Furthermore, Prof. Chandra explained that there are eight forms of activities that students can take in MBKM activities, namely student exchanges, internships, teaching in schools, research/research, village building/thematic Community Service Programs, independent studies/projects, entrepreneurial activities, and humanitarian projects. .

In his presentation, the Dean of FIA UI reiterated to the students, especially the FIA ​​UI New Students, to carry out this MBKM by implementing four values ​​or values ​​that FIA UI students must know and possess, namely, Commitment, Integrity, Transformative, and Trustworthy (KITA). This value, said Prof. Chandra, does not only apply to students, but also to lecturers and staff within FIA UI.
“You have to be able to graduate on time. In addition, you also not only learn, but also have to create achievements. Both academic and non-academic achievements are aligned with the spirit of applying the values ​​of KITAFIA, FIAKITA,” said Prof. Chandra closing his presentation.

The PSAF FIA UI activity was attended by all new FIA UI Students Batch 2022 offline and online (hybrid). This activity was also attended by the Complete Leaders of Faculties, Complete Heads of Departments and Programs, as well as the heads of student organizations at FIA UI. And the event was enlivened by the appearance of several Faculty Activity Units (UKF) and closed with departmental dialogue and explanations of the curriculum of each department.