By popularizing taxes from an early age, Indonesian students can understand the concept of taxation as a form of mutual cooperation carried out by all Indonesian people in the context of realizing people’s welfare. Without realizing it, the benefits of taxes are very attached and they can feel it in everyday life.

This is the goal of holding Tax Goes to School 2022 which is a series of events that focus on providing tax education to elementary and high school/vocational school level students.

“By holding Tax Goes to School, it is hoped that elementary and high school/vocational school level students can increase their knowledge regarding the basic concepts of taxation that are taking place in Indonesia so as to create a tax-aware young generation,” said Kezia Amanda, Project Officer Tax Goes To School 2022.

Tax Goes To School 2022 itself is one of the work programs of the FIA UI Kostaf Community Service division (Fiscal Administration Study Group, Faculty of Administrative Science, University of Indonesia) and is a vehicle for tax education aimed at Indonesian students as well as a form of application of knowledge and knowledge for Science students. University of Indonesia Fiscal Administration.

This time, Tax Goes To School 2022 is present through two series of events, namely Roadshows which are held offline at four schools around Jakarta, namely Menteng 01 Elementary School, Cikini Elementary School, SMAN 68 Jakarta, and SMKN 25 Jakarta.

“The series of Roadshow activities at the elementary level consisted of games, comic readings which brought the concept of mutual cooperation, explanations regarding the meaning, benefits and types of taxes, and closed with a quiz with prizes. Then, at the SMA/SMK level, the Roadshow is also a forum for students to discuss with volunteers as Fiscal Administration students regarding taxation,” said Kezia.

The highlight of the 2022 Tax Goes To School event was closed with the TaxTalk event which is a tax education webinar and introduction to Fiscal Administration which is held free of charge for high school/vocational school level students throughout Indonesia. Taxtalk takes place on August 20, 2022 online.

In supporting the holding of the event, Tax Goes To School 2022 is collaborating with Cerebrum, a learning application provider company as a sponsor who provides 20 premium accounts “1 Year Program to UTBK 2023” free of charge to winners in TaxTalk activities.

“TaxTalk consists of a presentation of basic taxation material by Intan Tresna Kintanti (Vice Manager of Research and Literature KOSTAF FIA UI 2022), presentation of material on the introduction of Fiscal Administration work prospects by Hafidh Nadhor Tsaqib (Transfer Pricing Intern at DTTC Indonesia), quizzes, games, showing the FIA Virtual Tour video, and sharing sessions with Tax Goes To School volunteers in the breakout room,” said Kezia.