Students of the Business Administration study program (Prodi) of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) held a Business Administration Week (Business Week) 2022 with the theme Embracing The New era: Attaining Business Resilience Through Digitalization and emphasizing how a business can adapt or maintain the sustainability of their business in a dynamic situation while continuously being required to strive for post-pandemic recovery. In this adaptation effort, a company/business must always take advantage of technological advances to maximize the company’s operational activities.

“Therefore, this event is expected to be a forum for exchanging knowledge and experience between students and alumni of Business Administration and fostering and training the entrepreneurial spirit of students of Business Administration,” said Dra. Novita Ikasari, M.Comm, Ph.D as Head of the Science Department FIA UI Commercial Administration.

The Business Week 2022 event has the same innovative agenda: Alumni Sharing Session, Student and Postgraduate Colloquium, Business Administration Insight (BRIGHT), Business Administration Fair, and Business Administration Day (BRAND), which takes place from 14 to 19 November 2022.

Business Week 2022 activities and activities are supervised by three clusters, namely the Center of Innovation and Governance (CIGO), which Prof. Dr. Martani Huseini chairs; Financial Institution (Inskeu) chaired by Prof. Ir. Bernardus Yuliarto Nugroho, MSM., PhD; and Competitiveness and Governance of Village Owned Enterprises (CCGV) chaired by Prof.Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Si, M.M.

The discussion on business sustainability and digitalization is also fully supported by alums who are members of the University of Indonesia Alumni Association Faculty of Administrative Sciences (ILUNI FIA) and students who are members of the Business Administration Student Association (HIMANIA).

The event, which has been regularly held since 2019, aims to form a transformation agent who will fulfil the three tri dharma of higher education, Research and Community Service.

“The Alumni Sharing activity is a space for sharing experiences between Business Administration alumni and Business Administration students to develop student competence as leaders and business people. The Student & Postgraduate Colloquium activity is an event to develop and hone students’ research and research skills as well as scientific presentations, which are expected to be able to practice the ability to write scientific papers, communicate, argue, and be open-minded in accepting criticism and suggestions given by explorers and audiences,” said Yunita Soraya Oktariani as Head of HIMANIA FIA UI.

The Chief Executive of the 2022 FIA UI Business Week, Collin Dhammasurya Theoleuw, stated that Business Administration Insight (BRIGHT) is a form of community service and the introduction of the Science of Business Administration to high school students. The Business Administration Fair is a bazaar activity to display student creativity and innovation in the realization of business. Then, Business Administration Days (BRAND) is a series of Business Week activities as a form of contribution from Business Administration students by giving webinars and holding business case competitions for the wider community.