Learn Marketing from Company Visit

The Business Administration Student Association (HIMANIA) FIA UI held a Company Visit activity in order to realize the Introduction to Marketing course.

The activity, which was held on Friday (26/4/19) in collaboration with the companies PT Blue Bird Indonesia and PT Martina Beto, aims to facilitate students of Commerce Administration in exploring the company’s business activities and directly studying the company’s marketing strategy policies.

In addition, the purpose of this Company Visit event is also a supporting activity for the Introduction to Marketing course that provides an understanding of the implementation of the course.

“The event was beyond my expectation. By visiting companies such as study tours, we had a lot of interaction. This company visit is very insightful and fun. Both Companies do a very good job of conveying the theory but what makes it even more great is that there are interactive learning sessions so we can immediately apply what we get from the seminar and get a better understanding ”. – Novita Sari, company visit participant.

This activity is in the form of a visit to the company with a company or related unit with the aim of providing real knowledge related to how a company’s marketing strategy is in facing the challenges that exist until finally giving birth to innovation for the company.