To provide efficient and good public services, stakeholders to leaders in the minor units of local government administration must treat the public as customers who will return if the service quality is good. Muhamad Imam Alfie Syarien, FIA UI Lecturer, conveyed this.

“Service standard is a benchmark used as a guideline for service delivery and a reference for evaluating service quality as an obligation and promise of administrators to the community in the framework of quality, fast, easy, affordable and measurable services. Why should we treat the people we serve as customers? Because customers have a role in expressing their wishes/choices for what value they want from us, even leaders like the Lurah need to understand this,” said Alfie.

Alfi continued that the customer’s expression would enable the government and stakeholders to make regulations or design policies that suit the needs and preferences of the community so that they become effective regulations. Muhamad Imam Alfie Syarien expressed this right at the Community Service (Pengmas) event organized by FIA UI for the Depok City Government, which took place on Thursday, December 1, 2023 at the Depok City Hall. The Department of State Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) assists the Lurah in Depok City in designing and implementing efficient and effective public service standards for the community.

“Good service standards must meet several principles: courtesy and assistance from staff, accuracy under legal rights, and a commitment to fast action, which it can express in target responses or waiting times. Disclosure and complete and accurate information must be available, in plain language, about what services are provided.

The principles of Service Standards are that it must be simple, participatory, accountable, sustainable, transparent, and of course fair. The aim of Alfie is to provide certainty, improve the quality and performance of services according to the community’s needs and in line with the capabilities of the organizers. A good service standard, said Alfie, must provide choices if possible, indiscriminately, according to customer convenience, and citizens deserve a reasonable explanation or apology regarding the service received.

“To develop a good Service Standard, the SP maker has to follow steps need to be taken including preparing the SP draft, discussing the SP draft with the community so that the SP is effective, then the SP, implementing the SP, establishing and implementing service announcements, as well as monitoring and evaluation,” said Alfi.

For information, this Community Service event was organized by the Department of State Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science, University of Indonesia (FIA UI), namely presenting (full name Mas Alfi with title) and Wahyu Mahendra, M.Egov, with a focus on assisting Lurahs who are in City of Depok to design and implement public service standards that are efficient and effective for the community.