The key to a successful bureaucracy is the competency of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and the ability of ASNs to be able to think ahead (think ahead).


This was conveyed by Dr. Rudiarto Sumarwono, M.M., as Commissioner for Supervision of JPT Region 1 State Civil Apparatus Commission (KASN) during the Talkshow with the theme “Innovation and Management of Filling Public Officials Today in Indonesia”.


In the event, which was also a series of the 8th Anniversary of FIA UI, the man familiarly called Mr Rudi they also emphasized that the National ASN Management Reform Agenda was from the Comfort Zone to the Competitive Zone.


“ASN is moving from a comfort zone to a competitive zone. Also, the paradigm is shifting from a rule-based bureaucracy scheme to a performance-based bureaucracy so that we can move towards dynamic governance, where developing the potential of human resources is the key to national development,” he said.


He also added that the performance of ASN in the past was relatively low, where the quality of ASN human resource management was not good, political intervention in filling high positions, and the distribution of ASN was uneven, and many parts were filled by people who did not fit the classification.


“At that time, the buying and selling of positions were very high, and many officials were not neutral,” he said.


Rudy conveyed directions from the President of the Republic of Indonesia on the bureaucratic reform agenda, which included simplifying the bureaucracy and developing human resources. “So the existence of a merit system is a must. A policy and management of ASN based on qualifications, competence and performance that is applied fairly and reasonably without any elements of discrimination,” said Rudy.


In his remarks, Deputy Dean for Education, Research and Student Affairs Dr. Fibria Indriati said that this event is hoped to add to the knowledge and insight of practitioners regarding Innovation and Management of the Filling of Today’s Public Officials in Indonesia.


“In Indonesia, we often face challenges and problems in this regard, so the government has made various innovations to overcome them and also improve governance,” he explained at the event, which was held on Monday, March 6, 2023, at the 2020 Edition Auditorium, FIA UI Depok Campus.