Indonesia currently needs bureaucratic reform to create a bureaucracy that has an impact and can be felt directly by the people. Bureaucratic reform is not just a pile of paper or administrative management but has an effect and an agile and fast bureaucracy to answer all current global challenges.

This was conveyed by the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia, Abdullah Azwar Anas, attending SAPA STUDENTS at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI). This event occurred on Thursday, 3 February 2023 morning at the 2020 FIA UI Edition Auditorium.

“Currently, there are many global challenges that must be resolved by Indonesia where one of the milestones is held by the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform. For this reason, today the Minister is present who will explain how governance and strategy are in creating a bureaucratic reform which is very important for us to know, including for students of the young generation who will be the future of the nation,” said Prof. Dr. Chandra Wijaya, M.Sc., M.M as Dean of FIA UI.

The Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform stated that the implementation of bureaucratic reform still needs to be adjusted every time so that it can provide a quick response to the problems being faced. This includes overcoming poverty, stunting, inflation control, and other problems, both economic, political, social, and other problems.

“Services will improve if the internal organization is in order and good. So, we need to improve the internals first so that they can provide good output. For this reason, it is necessary to simplify positions to create an agile bureaucracy. Create a more advanced Indonesia,” said Azwar Anas.

Furthermore, Azwar Anas said there is a great need for collaboration between all parties, including academics, the government, the people, the TNI/Polri, and others, to create a better Indonesia. In his presentation, Abdullah explained that with the strength of this collaboration, Indonesia is one of the countries with the best recovery from Covid-19 in the world. In the event, which was moderated by Dr. Teguh Kurniawan, M.Sc, as the Head of the Department of State Administration, Abdullah stated that the current priority for the Kemenpan-RB is to create an agile bureaucracy for the sake of an extraordinary Indonesia.

“If we are together, surely we can face all the existing problems. We also need to improve all plans’ governance and business processes. For this reason, we are implementing thematic bureaucratic reforms consisting of poverty alleviation bureaucratic reforms, investment increasing bureaucratic reforms, bureaucratic reforms digitizing government administration, and bureaucratic reforms accelerating the president’s actual priority,” said Azwar Anas.

Then, Azwar Anas stated that the challenges facing bureaucratic reform today are changes in the global environment, challenges to becoming a developed country, and the speed and convenience of public services. “We are simplifying the evaluation of bureaucratic reforms that focus on impact, not on reporting administration. We need to make priority targets and use a logical framework to provide the best performance,” said Azwar Anas answering a question from one of the participants while concluding the SAPA FIA UI STUDENT activity.

SAPA FIA UI STUDENTS was attended by 240 students and 30 invitees consisting of lecturers and leaders within the FIA UI and KemenPAN-RB.

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