Fiscal Career Day: The Essential Skills that Companies Seek From You

On Thursday, September 19th, 2019, the 2019 Fiscal Career Day took place in the Auditorium of  M Building, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia. Fiscal Career Day is one of the events held by the Fiscal Administration Study Group or commonly known as KOSTAF FIA UI.

Fiscal Career Day 2019 is an event that is a place for self-development and soft skills improvements intended for the final year students of Fiscal Administration which aims to help them to be ready to face the world of work.

Fiscal Career Day 2019 carries the theme “Career 101: The essential skills that companies seek from you” with the tagline “Unleash your potential”. This event consists of two sessions, Alumni Sharing Knowledge also Personal Branding and Linked In Workshop. Alumni Sharing Knowledge is a session where alumni from Fiscal Administration share their experiences based on what they have gained and passed during their time as a Fiscal Administration student and after entering the world of work.

This session aims to make all students of Fiscal Administration, especially final year students, get an idea of how to divide their time between academics, especially dividing their time to focus on writing theses, organization, and preparing to enter the world of work. For the Personal Branding and Linked In Workshop session, this event contains ways on how we can find our inner strengths and promote ourselves in positive terms so that they are easily accepted and pass the CV screening stage when entering the world of work.

In the first session, Alumni Sharing Knowledge, three speakers have worked in various fields and of course are alumni of the Fiscal Administration, University of Indonesia, namely Muhammad Nugroho Kresna (Fiscal 2008), Badai Yuda Pratama (Fiscal 2014), and Hariyanti Prajab (Fiscal 2008). In the second session, Personal Branding and Linked In Workshop, there were two speakers, one for CV and one for Linked In Workshop.

This event was directly taught by the Co-Founder of CV Touch Up, Alia Prasetia and Fauzan Al-Rasyid as the speaker for the Personal Branding Workshop who is a Senior Editor in Russia Beyond the Headline and also a lecturer at the Vocational Program at the University of Indonesia. By inviting speakers who are experts in their fields, this event can enable students of Fiscal Administration to gain new knowledge that can be applied to everyday life.