Rijal Ramdhani,
Support Staff for the Editor-in-Chief

Presently presides as Support Staff for the Editor-in-Chief at BISNIS & BIROKRASI: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi (hereafter JBB). Since he joined the Team in 2019, Rijal develops his technical competence and professional expertise in journal management, a somewhat distant field from his bachelor degree in Social Science obtained from the Faculty of Social and Political Science Universitas Indonesia. His role and responsibility within the Team is to provide technical support and management of the journal’s Digital Commons, including to facilitate communication with various support units critical to the development of JBB  online platform, to perform trouble shooting and to ensure synchronization with indexing platforms and databases such as CrossRef, the ASEAN Citation Index, Arjuna and Garuda. Rijal is responsible for community engagement through the journal’s social media, as well as organization of various grants targeted at competency build-up activities for authors such as Writing Clinic, Journal Digest and nurture of peers’ networking with reputable national journals.