Reviewers Academe 2020: Self Improvement to be a Good Reviewer

Reviewers are an important aspect in the journal publishing processes so that they can produce good quality manuscripts. Therefore, BISNIS & BIROKRASIJurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi held the 2020 Reviewer Academe as a forum for prospective reviewers to be able to carry out the review process well

Ardian Setiawan, who is the Chief Editor at, was the notable speaker at the Reviewer Academe 2020. The session entitled “Becoming a Reviewer: Approach and Practice” comprehensively explained how to become a reviewer who is able to provide an objective review.

“In peer review, there are 4 approaches that can be used, critical, constructive, collegial (peer), and collaborative. Peer review is a very important process. Therefore, not everyone can become a peer reviewer, ” said Ardian.

Ardian also explained the types of reviewers, the advantages of peer reviewers, and most importantly, Ardian also explained the strategies of conducting peer reviews so that they can become an objective reviewer. The Review Academe session became very interactive when the participants asked various questions and started to do critical discussions.

The event, which took place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 and was attended by 18 participants through Zoom, is expected to be a place for reviewers to improve the quality of their review. The peer reviewers themselves are lecturers at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia.

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