Mohamad Luhur Hambali, S.I.A., M.A.
Indirect Tax, Income Tax, & Local Tax

Mohamad Luhur Hambali obtained a Bachelor of Administrative Sciences from the UI Fiscal Administration Department in 2017. After that, he received a Master’s degree in the UI Tax Administration Masters program in 2020.

Currently, Luhur is active as a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia with a special interest in Indirect Tax, Income Tax, and Local Tax.

Departing from his background as a Tax Consultant and also as an Accounting & Tax Specialist at one of the National Financial Technology companies in Indonesia, Luhur is concerned about the world of taxation, especially related to Corporate Tax Management, Strategies, & Disputes in Financial Services Industry companies.

On the basis of this concern, Luhur has a Published National Journal related to Indirect Tax in the Financial Technology industry in Indonesia in IJBE Vol. 4 No. 3 of 2020.

Published National Journal: Indirect Tax pada industri Financial Technology di Indonesia pada IJBE Vol. 4 No 3 Tahun 2020