The Department of Governance of Commerce has the authority to manage the Bachelor of Governance of Commerce Program, with a focus on developing business administration science. The main point of focus for scientific development is at the level of meta governing norms (governance of governance): rationality, without neglecting the level of meta governing norms: responsibility and also meta governing norms: performance. At that level, internal governance is seen as the rationality of governance of institutions outside the organization itself (external governance). Thus, in this context the developed business science not only discusses how the business organization operates but also studies how the business organization relates to stakeholders and the related environment.

Graduate Profile
1. Policy and corporate governance, both internally and externally (societal governance) which is based on ethical social norms and principles.
2. Able to utilize research with various social and scientific disciplines, able to cooperate, collaborate and adapt to the environment and stakeholders.
3. Able to analyze company transformation based on the development of science, technology and human resources
4. Able to make the right decisions in order to achieve a high performance organization.


become a center for the development of superior knowledge in the study of Commercial Administration and Policy and Strategic Governance based on the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in Southeast Asia.

1. Organizing undergraduate higher education that is competitive and dignified in the field of Business Administration and Policy and Strategic Governance;
2. Conduct research in the study of Commerce Administration and Policy and Strategic Governance at the undergraduate level for the development of science and the progress of the nation;
3. Carry out community service for the benefit of the nation, and (4) produce graduate graduates who have competency in Governance of Commerce with inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches and the ability to compete in the international world based on high morals.