The Administrative Science Doctoral Program applies student studies and dissertations in accordance with the specialization of public administration, business administration, and tax administration. The Doctoral Program in Administrative Sciences aims to produce graduates who are proficient in the development of administrative science and are able to think holistically, dynamically and intelligently in the strategic, institutional and operational settings both macro and micro.

become a center for doctoral education program development that excels in the study of administration and policy and strategic governance based on tri darma colleges in Southeast Asia

1. Organizing doctoral education that is competitive and dignified in the fields of administration and policy and strategic governance;
2. Conducting research in the fields of administration and policy and strategic governance for the development of administrative science and the progress of the nation;
3. Doing community service for the benefit of the nation; and
4. Producing doctoral graduates who have administrative competence with an inter and multi-disciplinary approach and the ability to compete in the international world based on noble character.

Admission of doctoral student candidates is based on:
– University of Indonesia TPA value (minimum grade 550).
– TOEFL score (minimum score of 500) or IELTS (minimum score of 6.0) or pass an English exam held by the University of Indonesia.
– GPA obtained at the previous level of education a minimum of 3.00 (in the range of 4.00).
– The results of the interview assessment are related to the research plan that will be conducted.
– Availability of promotr candidates who have expertise that is of interest to prospective students.

Other Information
– Prospective students are required to submit recommendation letters from two recommendation givers with a minimum Doctoral degree and a brief dissertation proposal.
– Format recommendations and sample proposals can be seen at the Secretariat of the Administrative Sciences Postgraduate Program, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia.
– Letters of recommendation and proposals were collected to the Secretariat of the Graduate Program of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia in conjunction with the SIMAK UI registration period.
– Students who come from Masters outside the field of Administrative Sciences or from tertiary institutions abroad are required to follow matriculation based on a review of the Study Program
– Prospective foreign students have Indonesian language skills that meet the University of Indonesia standards.

– Degree: Dr.
– Study Load: 48 credits
– Study Period: 6-10 Semesters

Learning Outcomes
– Develop new knowledge, technology and / or art in the field of administration (public, business, and fiscal) through research methodologies, to produce creative, original and tested work.
– Making a strategic contribution in solving administrative problems (public, business and fiscal) through inter, multi, and transdisciplinary approaches.
– Managing, leading, and developing research in the field of administrative sciences that is beneficial to the science and benefit of humanity, and able to receive national and international recognition.

Selection Test
– Academic Potential Test (TPA) and English
– Dissertation proposal interviews conducted after passing the TPA and English exam

* Dissertation proposal interviews are carried out after passing the TPA and English exam.

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